However, the expected growth of 234% gives us enough information. All financial markets have ups and downs, and Bitcoin Cash fits this rule just like any other cryptocurrency. But due to its novelty, these cycles of increase or decrease are particularly strong.

2020 was not good for several digital currencies, and BCH was not exempted. After hitting its all-time high in 2017, the global pandemic pushed its price down. Later in May 2021, the token witnessed a rapid surge, hitting $1,636. This figure was about a 410% percent price change, the highest in almost 3 years back.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction for 2030

Past performance is also not a reliable predictor of future performance. BCH technicalsWhen we’re talking about technicals, we also need to pay attention to indicators. Moving averages give us a concise and clear image of the market trend for the long term. Oscillators are mostly used to discover short-term overbought or oversold assets. The image above shows that both oscillators and moving averages indicate a strong buy for Bitcoin Cash. Within a month it reached the $550 price point and attracted a lot of interest from crypto enthusiasts.

bch price prediction

The RSI of BCH was 56.39, indicating that it may proceed to a price reversal at any given time. RSI stands for Relative Strength Index, and its number represents that BCH is in an overbought state. This ‘replace-by-fee enables transactions to be canceled/rejected/double-spent if they are not yet confirmed.

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The price would range from $ 900 to $ 1000 with additional developments combined in a long-term perspective. With these reasons in mind, Bitcoin Cash offers investors a market with very competitive characteristics in 2021. In another respect, let us follow the signs that show us the Simple Moving Average and the exponential moving average . Bitcoin Cash has good chances to rise over the next five years, as more developments are planned by its developers. According to WalletInvestor, Bitcoin Cash could be worth $2,700 by 2027. Bitcoin Cash has a solid roadmap for future developments and has proven its utility as an everyday payment coin.

  • The most valuable factors driving the price of Bitcoin Cash are the speed and affordability that allow for faster implementation of improvements.
  • As this was a hard fork, all those who help Bitcoin at the moment of the fork, also received Bitcoin Cash.
  • Giving a tough competition to rivals, it is but obvious for BCH investors to repose their faith and continues to invest in this prized digital asset.
  • Since BCH rewards users through transactions, it isn’t in the interest of the users to dilute it.
  • In between May to July, the coin reached $1400 only to drop down to as low as the $300 mark.
  • But if you don’t believe Bitcoin Cash predictions or are just more sure about Bitcoin’s future, this is a justified decision.

A major reason, therefore, is that both investors and miners side with the Parent Bitcoin. The primary objective of Bitcoin Cash was to address the issues concerning rising transaction fees and controversies surrounding scalability in the blockchain. Bitcoin Cash’s price for 2023 according to our analysis should range between $619.46 to $929.19 and the average price of BCH should be around $774.33. Bitcoin Cash’s price for August 2023 according to our analysis should range between $862.95 to $992.85 and the average price of BCH should be around $927.90. Bitcoin Cash’s price for July 2023 according to our analysis should range between $842.54 to $969.38 and the average price of BCH should be around $905.96. Bitcoin Cash’s price for June 2023 according to our analysis should range between $822.14 to $945.90 and the average price of BCH should be around $884.02.

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Moreover, this project has been rebranded in the summer of 2021, now called eCash, while Bitcoin Cash has retained this original name. It’s important to note that the content on the Bitnation website shouldn’t be considered investment advice. The information provided is for general information purposes only. No information, materials, services and other content provided on this page constitute solicitation, recommendation, endorsement or any financial, investment, or other advice. Seek independent professional consultation in the form of legal, financial, and fiscal advice before making any investment decision. It’s also important to pay attention to the color of the candle – a green candle means that the closing price was higher than the opening price, while a red candle tells us the opposite.

Weiss Research, a cryptocurrency investment research firm, recently rated Bitcoin Cash in a few different categories. The firm gave it an overall rating of B, technology and adoption were rated B- and market performance was rated C-. As can be expected, BCH will continue to have close ties with BTC and continue to be affected by its performance. With the similarities and shared history between the two currencies, they’ll share successes and credibility in the cryptocurrency world. But the founders of Bitcoin Cash mustn’t solely rely on the crypto giant; they should also supply users with additional perks, which is what they’ve been doing so far.

Is Bitcoin Cash different from Bitcoin?

You can also start to mine BCH to benefit from the block reward. Additionally, you can directly trade BCH for fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, etc., or other cryptocurrencies on many exchanges. There are speculations that the Bitcoin Cash BCH price will hit the average price of $1500 mark by the end of 2025, considering the roadmaps it has created.

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The standout: The standout cryptocurrency to consider investing in is the market leader, which is Bitcoin.